Arris sb8200 – Surfboard Docsis 3.1 Cable Modem

The Arris SB8200 stands for the future prospect of cable modems. This DOCSIS 3.1 modem is presently well-suited for three of the major player of internet suppliers in the U.S – Cox, Comcast, and Charter. Even though these providers don’t send data via the new upgraded DOCSIS 3.1 standard currently, Well, this modem is able to improve speeds in your current DOCSIS 3.0 network, which is a major plus point.

arris sb 8200

If these internet providers begin to send data according to this new docsis 3.1 standards, this surfboard would be able to hit download speed of up to 10 Gbps and upload speed of 2 Gbps. This is approximately 10 times faster than the existing DOCSIS 3.0 standard which competes with those of the present fastest internet provider, like Google Fiber.

Arris SB8200 has dual Gigabit Ethernet ports which offer double the connectivity of any DOCSIS 3.0 modem and the lone DOCSIS 3.1 modem to do so. With these two ports, one can use one port to connect his PC or gaming console, while also uploading data to a wireless router at the same time. The SB8200 is proficient enough with the theoretical maximum throughput of 2 Gbps to your home network.

This modem contains 32 accessible downstream channels and eight accessible upstream channels. That is double the channel bonding ability of the high-speed modems we have used, like the Motorola MB7420. That signifies that one can browse the web, stream movies and download large chunks of files faster and smoother like never before.

Specs of SB8200 DOCSIS® 3.1 Cable Modem

  • Up to 10+ Gbps DOCSIS® 3.1 Download Speeds
  • 32 x 8 Modem Channels, PLUS 2 x 2
  • Two 1-Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • Ideal for Gigabit+ Internet Packages offered by Cable Providers
  • Supports IPv4 and IPv6
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Compatible with Major U.S. Cable Providers

Quick comparison in between Arris surfboard series

CABLE MODEMSSURFboard® SB6141SURFboard® SB6183SURFboard® SB6190SURFboard® SB8200
DOCSIS® Download SpeedUp to 343 Mbps Up to 686 Mbps Up to 1.4 Gbps Up to 10 Gbps
DOCSIS® 3.1 Advanced Technology 8 x 416 x 432 x 832 x 8
Gigabit Ethernet Ports1112
Multi-Network Confguration SupportN/AN/AN/AYes
4K Ultra HD Video Streaming1 star2 star3 star5 star
High-Performance Online Gaming2.5 star3.5 star4 star5 star
Energy-Efficient EthernetN/AYesYesYes
2-Year Limited WarrantyYesYesYesYes
Technical Support available by ARRISYesYesYesYes

Arris SB8200 Brief Overview

Same Surfboard series Modem interface and design

Unsurprisingly, Arris has implemented pretty much the same design configuration as the latter three generations from the SURFboard family, featuring the white plastic box which is tainted with a matte finish. Yes, I like the design though and it is not that much of confusing. The edges are rounded and with a thick plastic band covering around the four-sided central piece, so, generally, the SB8200 is hard to distinguish from its preceding generations of Arris cable modem series.

Owing to its multiple Ethernet ports and fast output, this is one of the best modems for gaming. As we know, Online gaming stresses real-time and instantaneous responsiveness. Committing a Gigabit Ethernet port explicitly for your gaming console or PC guarantees that the modem will deliver high-resolution graphics as well.

Even though modem has a cut-out which enables a better airflow, It appears that this modem faces some heating issue. On the right side of the modem, there is a dipped rectangular band positioned towards the center with numerous special spaces which help mount the device on the wall

If you place the modem somewhere in cool places and you won’t face such a problem. I would strongly recommend against mounting over the wall. Well, check out our detailed review here – Arris surfboard sb8200 review

Build with Solid Hardware

Inside the box, Arris has fortified the SB8200 with a Broadcom BCM3390 chipset, a much-needed upgrade from the SB6190’s Intel Puma 6 processor, 3 GB of RAM, 128MiB S34ML01G200TFV00 Spansion flash memory NAND and 16 MiB Macronix MX25L12805D SPI NAND flash memories. The SB8200 should handle the downstream merged channels up to 32 SCQAM or 2 OFDM and upstream merged channels up to 8 SCQAM or 2 OFDMA.


Compatibility and Performance

Arris SB8200 is a comparatively fresh and new device in the market, but it is compatible with the major cable data Service Suppliers, like as Comcast and Cox. We strongly recommend you, before buying this cable modem, you must make ensure that it will be compatible with your current ISP.

As the SB8200 comes with some innovative and upgraded features, and you are going to change your older modem with this beast, make sure that it will be suitable for the data plan that your ISP provided. Google it or call your ISP to confirm it.

Arris offers a two-year manufacturer warranty while you purchase the modem from an authorized retailer. If you have any, you can contact Arris support directly by phone or email. You can also download the PDF versions of the user manual and a quick-start guide if you mislay the ones delivered in the retail packaging.

The Arris SB8200 will be ready to provide the fastest cable internet speed existing as soon as the DOCSIS 3.1 standard is avail by all the ISP. This signifies that your home network will be enough for the advancement in the 10 odd years and get ready to stream next-generation content like UHD movies and virtual reality games with just a click.

Sb8200 Modem Setup

surfboard setup

While setting up the Arris SB8200 you can directly connect your computer via Ethernet to your modem. You do not need to go through your router yet, just straight modem to PC. While the power turns the modem, wait for it to completely connect (solid blue light 2nd from top). Those using Comcast, you guys may get redirected to their initiation page. You can enter your data, and once it’s complete and activated, you should be able to connect to the internet.

Now you need to go to and run a speed test. Take a Screenshot it if you feel like it. If all is good, hook your modem with your router, and you’re good to go. You will need to power up the modem again, as it’s locked with the first device on the network. Once you do, connect your PC to your router with an Ethernet cable. And do another speed test and take a screenshot. It is normal to see a slight decline as you change over to another device.

This video definitely help you in setting up arris surfboard 8200

When you join via Wi-Fi, you may see an unexpectedly huge decline, which is why it is recommended using Ethernet with the router for best speed. While you’re all done, connect it with your Wi-Fi and follow the usual procedure. Now get ready to be one of the fastest internet speed consumer in the world. Now go out to the gaming world, and take those bastards down.

ARRIS SURFboard SB8200 DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem

Arris sb8200 vs Netgear cm1000 – Which is Best?

Both two models are one of the advanced modems available on the market. Both are excellent choices for the newest Gigabit Internet packages to fully utilize the service provided by the ISP. But you’re confused, aren’t you? You crave for that high-speed internet so that you can stream online games non-stop, but you feel that binding pain that you can’t figure out which one would suit you the best.

Let’s not confuse you much and don’t worry, we are here to help you figure out just that. Next, in the article, we’d tell you what are the modern features of these cable modems and what’s not. We’d give you a brief comparison of their features as well as give you suggestions which model is better than the other according to our expert opinion.

Brief Key Specifications of both modem

Modem ModelArris SB8200Netgear CM1000
Gigabit Ethernet Ports21
Max Download1.9 Gbps1 Gbps
Memory3 MB256 MB
Operating Temperature32 – 122 F32 – 102 F
Link AggregationYesYes

Arris SB8200 Key Speecifications

The Arris SB8200 DOCSIS 3.1 modem is presently well-suited for three of the major internet suppliers in the U.S. – Cox, Comcast, and Charter. Even though these ISP providers do not send data via the new DOCSIS 3.1 standard currently, But this modem able to improve speeds in your current DOCSIS 3.0 network as they introduce a new delivery standard.

  • When time comes and these internet providers will begin to deliver data according to this new standard, I mean docsis 3.1standard, SB8200 modems would be able to download content at a speed of up to 10 Gbps and upload at a speed of 2 Gbps. This is approximately 10 times faster than the existing DOCSIS 3.0 standard.
  • Arris SB8200 has dual Gigabit Ethernet ports which offer double the connectivity of any DOCSIS 3.0 modem and the lone DOCSIS 3.1 modem to do so. You can implement these two ports to supply wired connectivity to your PC or gaming console, while also uploading data to a wireless router at the same time.
  • The SB8200 is proficient enough with the theoretical maximum throughput of 2 Gbps to your home network. This modem is very fast having 352MB download and 45MB upload as per feedback from a verified customer.

People actually loved this little Beast! With this modem, one can consistently have a download speed in excess of 500 Mbps down and upload speed of 50 Mbps(wireless). The only criticism about this product is that it becomes quite Hot, but you can keep it separately on the shelf where airflow is better, so heating won’t be an issue at all.

Chekout our full review of arris sb8200 modem review here.


Netgear CM1000 Key Specifications

Netgear has been one of the best home networking brands from decades. Their one of the best modem, the Netgear CM1000 is being advertised as the modem on the market delivering the highest speed. But how fast is it actually? And will the consumers actually gain any benefit from upgrading to this high-speed equipment? Or is it all just marketing?

In recent times, DOCSIS 3.0 was acknowledged as the latest kind of the protocol, supporting higher data speeds and IPV6. Later DOCSIS 3.1 has been implemented by ISPs of USA. This has a minor upgrade to the DOCSIS 3.0 standard, But providing crucial benefits on internet connections.

According to feedback from customers, this Netgear CM1000 modem worked great so far. They were getting internet speeds as per the new norms as they are supposed to be.

So, you do not need to rent a modem from your ISP and buy your own Gigabits modem to access lightning fast internet. When user have the 150mps download speed plan but surprisingly the modem’s download speed results clocking him at over 165mps(Wireless). It was tested on So the results are quite clear. He did not have any connectivity issues either since its registration.

With his original ISP modem, the speed was just par, however, after installing the CM1000 the speed had improved staggeringly. Even with an iPhone, the speed was impressive i.e 220-230 Mbps. Customers have been very impressed with how easy the setup was and how well it worked. However, a some of customers has also complained about not getting speed as specified. Maybe their ISP had some issues or they might have faced some connectivity issues, who knows?

So it is highly recommended that make sure that your system actually needs and handle such type of modem and the Gigabit speed it provides with. Last September, Comcast finally announced the latest DOCSIS 3.1 service. The advertised download speed is 1 Gbps, and 35 Mbps up. Most cable consumers are used to receiving speeds well below what’s advertised. But one can notice that Comcast is providing with a service that is technically capable of delivering 1.2Gbps and advertising it as 1Gbps. This is because there is and always will be some noise or cross chatter that reduces the actual bandwidth below the theoretical maximum.

arris sb8200 vs netgear cm1000

Ports Comparison

Arris SB8200 Ports

It has 2 Gigabit ports for 2 separate networks (Global IP’s) and enables the user to utilize link aggregation. The dual LAN ports on the back are cool, but only useful if your ISP provider allows you to use the second one, sadly, Comcast Xfinity does not. While this particular modem is very easy to set up and gets working fast as well. Most people have purchased this because they needed two ports, both of them being gigabit and DOCSIS 3.1 means that they are set for future speed increases.

Netgear CM1000 ports

However the Netgear CM1000 bought has only one bright-yellow port, So there is always a risk of the Ethernet port failing, leaving you with no choice but to call the repair team or hiring a professional. Few customers also complained of the modem not giving continuous high-speed data as it has only 1 port. So customers of this particular often wish the unit had two gigabit LAN ports so they could run one to their router and the other to my OOMA phone box or switch for OOMA and Google Phone or any suitable equipment.

So, clearly Arris sb8200 has an advantages on ports.

Features Comparison

Arris SB8200 Features

This particular Arris modem supports IPv4 and IPv6 Internet browsing standards. Even though it has two working ports Cox Cable does not support activation of a 2nd Ethernet port, however, works smoothly on Comcast, dual Ethernet, after removing Bufferbloat issues. Rest it is compatible with most of the major cable providers in the US. It is absolutely perfect for 4K Ultra-HD Video Streaming and VR Gaming. Works easily on Comcast, dual Ethernet removed my Bufferbloat issues After upgrading old modem using DOCSIS 3.0, with 4 channels to SB8200. Speed should at least be doubled. No problems were found.

However, people complain that is very expensive and understandably so with such modern feature. Actually, people complain of it being way ahead of time. So by getting this particular modem you’ be absolutely future-proof.

Netgear CM1000 Features

This modem has 2 OFDM downstream & 2 OFDM upstream channels for DOCSIS 3.1 connections as well as it Works with XFINITY® from Comcast and supports fast web-based self-activation for XFINITY customers. Customers having Comcast, it’s super easy to set up. It would take less than ten minutes to set up your modem with your cable or PC. Those who have Comcast as their ISP there are instructions specifically how to set it up. Very convenient isn’t it? It has a full proof airflow design. No matter which way it is oriented, surrounding air will provide cooling either way. Remember, this modem is a lone but pivotal component in your home network.

If you upgrade to a high bandwidth modem and expect to get the data at exactly that speed through an outdated router, you’re definitely not going to get the performance you expect. So you may have to consider opting for an additional modem to help you push your bandwidth faster than you’ve ever thought possible.

If you checking for easy setup modem, netgear cm1000 will be winner. But I think setting up arris sb8200 would not that much of difficult.

Pros & Cons of both Modem In Quick

Arris SB8200 PROS

  • ARRIS models are compatible with most of the ISPs in the USA and worldwide.
  • The Broadcom BCM3390 chipset is one of the best in the modem business.
  • It has 2 x Gigabit Ethernet ports, future proofing your internet connection.
  • It has a 3GB RAM which gives it fast hardware performance.
  • It is one of the best modems that perform greatly while streaming Ultra HD videos and online high-performance VR gaming.
  • There is also a spectrum Analyzer available, to check the quality of cable connection, etc.

Arris SB8200 CONS

  • Sometimes the modem gets heated if not well ventilated.
  • No built-in WiFi router, so you will need to buy an external one.

Netgear CM1000 PROS

  • Well ventilated.
  • Fully compatible with Comcast XFINITY and Cox and many major other providers.
  • Netgear CM 1000 also uses the Broadcom BCM3390 chipset which is very stable.
  • Netgear devices have been reliable traditionally and the brand is of the highest quality.

Netgear CM1000 CONS

  • As it has only 1 Gigabit Ethernet Port, so it is not future-proof.
  • Sadly, There is no access to Spectrum Analyzer.
  • As it has only 256MB RAM, for some user it is limiting in some cases. And not desirable for hardcore gamers.
  • Like the latter it has no built-in WiFi router, so you will need to buy an external one.

Final Thought

DeviceSpeedsPortsRatingCheck Now
Arris SB8200 Winner2 Gbps2 Port98%Check Price
Netgear CM1000 Runner-Up 1 Gbps1 Ports97%Check Price

So at the end of the day, it all comes to your priority. If you need a high-speed internet for streaming Ultra HD videos and online high-performance VR gaming then Arris SB8200 will probably be the best option. However, if you need a stable high-speed internet for usual home and corporate office works them Netgear CM100 is probably the choice. But if you really do not wish to bear any future cost with development in the delivery standard of the internet that is futureproofed, you should definitely get yourself the latter that is Arris SB8200.

Arris sb8200 vs Motorola mb8600 – Which is best for your Bucks?

The Motorola MB8600 and Arris SB8200 are equipped with the latest DOCSIS 3.1 technology. Each modem offers up to 8 upload channels and 32 download QAM channels. This allows you to enjoy the highest available speed that your ISP can offer. The Motorola MB8600 and Arris SB8200 have few noticeable physical differences, but which one is better? Here’s a quick look at two of the most popular gigabit cable modems today.

Brief Key Specifications of both modem

Motorola MB8600
Arris SB8200
Gigabit Ethernet Ports

Max Download

3.8 Gbps
1.9 Gbps

512 MB

3 GB
Operating Temperature
32 – 104 F
32 – 122 F

Link Aggregation


Arris SB8200 Key Specifications

The Arris SB8200 is compatible with almost any ISP internet plan. It has good download and upload speeds, achieving about 950 Mbps. The modem supports IPv6 and IPv4 internet browsing standards. It uses the Broadcom BCM3390 chipset. The Arris SB8200 has 8 upload channels and 32 download channels, making it perfect for VR gaming and 4K Ultra-HD video streaming. If there’s no DOCSIS 3.1 in your area, you don’t need to worry because the Arris SB8200 is backwards compatible. It will work just fine in DOCSIS 3.0 mode. The Gigabit Ethernet ports allow you to create two separate home networks from a single modem.

Motorola MB8600 Key Specifications

The Motorola MB8600 features 32×8 3.0 and 3.1 capabilities to provide the best internet speeds for cable internet services. It supports online gaming and4K HD video. The device works with any Wi-Fi router and Ethernet-capable computer.  The Motorola MB8600, however, doesn’t have an in-built telephone call capability or wireless router. The device has low latency for the quick response required for interactive games. The Motorola MB8600 features DOCSIS 3.1 AQM (Active Queue Management) that improves page loads, video conferencing and gaming. Its Broadcom modem chipset protects you from any Denial of Service attacks. The device is equipped with a full-band capture digital tuner to save energy and boost speed.

Ports Comparison

Arris SB8200 Ports

Arris SB8200 has 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports. It also supports link aggregation. You can connect both Ethernet ports as a bundle to achieve upload or download speeds of 2 Gbps. However, there are not many ISPs that support link aggregation. Talk to your ISP to know whether they support bundling of LAN gigabit ports.

Motorola MB8600 Ports

The Motorola MB8600 has 4 Ethernet ports. Three of these ports are concealed behind a plastic label. The actual download speed is 1 Gbps, but it can theoretically support up to 3.8 Gbps through link aggregation.

Features Comparison

Arris SB8200 Features

The Arris SB8200 is compatible with Charter, Comcast and Cox, 3 of the biggest internet providers in the United States. None of these internet providers send data through the latest DOCSIS 3.1 standard at present, but this device will definitely boost speeds in your existing DOCSIS 3.0 network until the new delivery standard is made available. When this happens, modems will be able to upload data at speeds of 2 Gbps and download at 10 Gbps. That’s 10 times faster than the existing DOCSIS 3.0 standard.

The SB8200’s two Gigabit Ethernet ports provide twice the connectivity of a DOCSIS 3.0 modem. The ports can be used to provide wired connectivity to a gaming console or computer and sending data to a wireless router at the same time. The modem’s upstream and downstream channels allow you to download large files, stream movies and browse the web faster than before.

The front panel features 4 LED status icons – Receive, Online, Power and Send. The device also comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

Motorola MB8600 Features

The Motorola MB8600 has a durable elliptic-cylindrical plastic case. Its main body is coated with a grey matte finish, while the thicker bottom section and narrower top are coated with a glossy black finish. The device stays cool thanks to its lateral vent holes. The top, right and left sides of the modem are also covered with a lot of cut-outs to guarantee proper airflow.

The device measures 7.0″ x 7.2″ x 2.2″ and weighs 18.4 ounces, so it’s quite heavy. Since the Motorola MB8600 doesn’t have any wall-mounting capability, you can only place it on a flat surface or on a desk. It has a front glossy section that features 5 LED lights, which show the status of the Downstream, Power, Online, LAN and Upstream. If you turn the modem around, you will see plenty of buttons and ports. The Reset button can be found at the top and underneath it are the 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports, the ON/OFF button, the Power port and the COAXial RF connector.

The modem has 4 ports so that it can serve different purposes. One of these is to use several IP addresses. This option is available only for business owners. When speeds higher than 1Gbps do become available, you may need to use 2 or more ports combined to get higher throughput. The MB8600 supports LAG, but you have to wait for service providers to include 2Gbps+ data plans in their offers.

The Motorola MB8600 has 128 MB NAND storage memory and 512 MB RAM. It can accommodate up to 8 upstream bonded channels and 32 SCQAM downstream channels. The device is compatible with Grande Communications, Comcast Xfinity and Cox. The maximum theoretical speed that the MB8600 offers is 1Gbps. If you live in a place where this kind of data plan is offered, you will enjoy a regular speed of 950Mbps. The maximum theoretical speed of the modem can be 3.8 Gbps, but you have to wait until ISPs permit link aggregation on all ports, 3.8 Gigabit+ speeds become available and consumer-type routers become capable of receiving everything the modem sends.

Pros & Cons of both Modem In Quick

Arris SB8200 Pros

  • It is user-friendly and easy to set up.
  • The modem has 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, which beneficial for future proofing your current internet connection.
  • The SB8200’s 3GB RAM offers excellent hardware performance.
  • The device is perfect for online high-performance VR gaming and streaming Ultra HD videos.

Arris SB8200 Cons

  • It doesn’t have a built-in WiFi router.
  • The device gets warm at times.

Motorola MB8600 Pros

  • The modem comes with 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports and supports link aggregation.
  • It is compatible with Comcast XFINITY, Spectrum, Cox and WOW.
  • The modem allows you to access the chipset’s Spectrum Analyzer through Web GUI.

It makes use of the Broadcom BCM3390 chipset.

Motorola MB8600 Cons

  • It lacks a built-in WiFi router.
  • The modem is expensive.

Final Thought

DeviceSpeedsPortsRatingCheck Now
Motorola MB8600Editor’s Choice3.8 Gbps4 Ports100%Check Price
Arris SB8200 Runner-Up2 Gbps2 Port98%Check Price

The better modem of two depends on what you are looking for. If you want a small and practical modem for your home networking needs, you should choose the Arris SB8200. However, if you want a future-proof modem, you should pick the Motorola MB8600. The SB8200 is perfect for those who need a modem for home use, but the MB8600 may offer higher download and upload speeds. If you reside in an area with a lot of congested nodes, the MB8600 will be a better choice as it uses more channels than the SB8200. Consider your needs and budget when choosing a modem.

Contact us if you need help and support for this modem