Arris surfboard 8200 Review – Is it the Best value for your Money?

Arris sb8200 is a cable modem that will not only speed up but also stabilize your home internet. It works best for video streaming of 4K Ultra as well as gaming of virtual reality. It comes with two

1GB Ethernet ports thus the solid promise of dependable internet. It is also built with multiple uploading and downloading channels. Having it at home covers all your browsing and online needs for the entire family. It features the latest modem technology and will connect to most of the U.S. cable service providers.

With its impressive Gigabit packages, this modem is able to handle heavy browsing thus a perfect purchase for those literally live online. This is one modem that streamline your internet needs and serve you for a long time. 

Key features of this Surfboard

  • Ideal for Gigabit+ speed packages offered by cable providers
  • DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem
  • 32 download x 8 upload channels
  • Perfect for 4K Ultra-HD Video Streaming and Virtual Reality Gaming
  • Industry-leading product design features two 1-Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Supports IPv4 and IPv6 Internet browsing standards
  • ARRIS is the worldwide leader in Cable Modems
arris sb 8200

Two Ethernet ports

This modem has two Ethernet ports of 1-Gigabit each. This feature creates two home networks capable of maintaining gigabit speeds. It will also help your network to be speedy and powerful than before. Having your home network powered by this modem, you will be guaranteed of the fastest speeds and reliable internet connection. If you are not aware, then get it from me that this modem is the current market leader for its function. Due to these ports, the modem will require a very minimal service subscription level. As a result, any cost that you would incur is cut down to your benefit. However, it is worth noting that the Cox cable will not manage to support activation of the second Ethernet port.

Supporting DOCSIS 3.1 Cable


It is a cable modem of DOCSIS 3.1 that ensures fast download speeds. The modems carry more than 10 Gbps to download anything you wish to have. This being the newest technology in the market of cable providers, you are assured of perfect connection to major cable providers in the U.S. and a fast network working system. It is also backwardly compatible with DOCSIS 3.0. This greatly increases its connectivity to the internet and assurance of service quality to you as the user. Even though it may be a bit expensive to purchase, value for your money will be given back to you. The service is exceptionally flawless and unique. Once you buy and use it, you will preach its value to others.

Compatibility of this cable modem

The modem is compatible with main cable providers in the U.S. hence no WiFi router is required for connection. It ensures a free internet connection without disruptions or any limits at all. By use of this modem, you will be able to browse faster since it can support both IPv4 and IPv6 standards of internet browsing.

Download and upload channels

This cable modem has thirty-two download channels as well as eight upload channels. This feature makes the modem to be the best of all internet plans of 300Mbps and above. You are able to download and upload all you need on the internet as well as creating value for your work. You achieve perfect video streaming of 4K HD and internet gaming by using this modem. Your download speeds will also be kept at 10+ Gbps of the DOCSIS 3.1. it can never get better and convenient than this.

Flawless gigabit packages

Among all cable modems provided by cable networks, this modem will prove to you to be ideal for all gigabit and speed packages. That means it is able to handle heavy internet tasks in your home network. Therefore by choosing to purchase this modem, you will be able to do all internet workings conveniently faster. I can assure you that your decision will be the best ever since no regret will befall you.

Connector to Comcast, Cox and RCN cable

Currently, this surfboard 8200 has been approved to be used by the RCN, Cox and Comcast cables. This helps to increase the service field of connectivity for you as the user. Fast internet connection to these cables is assured.

Pros of Using Arris SB8200

  • Ensures fastest internet connections
  • Easily compatible with major cable providers in the U.S
  • It is easy to set up
  • High-quality internet services
  • Works perfectly on video streaming and online gaming
  • 2 ports, so you have additional options for connections

Cons of Using Arris sb8200

  • Loses sync and speed slow down after some time of usage
  • Sometimes it often reboots itself
  • Unstable and unreliable at times
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